Mindfulness for Companies

Stress and anxiety are the two biggest causes of sick leave and they cost France about 6 billion Euro per year.

Studies suggest that up to 60% of all lost working days in the EU are due to stress.

High levels of absenteeism are detrimental to employers. Moreover, people who are too stressed don’t work well. However, medication is not an effective solution for people with chronic stress.

Meditation has been scientifically proved to beat stress and anxiety. It works against all stress-related diseases. It boosts our immunity. It improves attention, focus and memory. It enhances flexibility. It increases information processing speed and so decreases task effort time.

If we tackle stress, everybody wins.

White Clouds offer you tailor-made trainings and courses in your enterprise. Choose from short lectures, regular practical workshops for your employees, longer ongoing trainings, or even let us help you set up a permanent meditation routine in your company. Contact us for details.

Here are a few brief examples of corporate products for inspiration: