Personal development

Life doesn’t come with a booklet of instructions. We create our life ourselves. Sometimes we are clear on what to do, feel happy and life is good. And sometimes we may feel lost in our heads, our feelings, and our experiences. At times like those, our personal development courses offer you guides to understand where you are, a clarity to see where you want to go, and maps to show you how to get there.

White Clouds offers a wide range of personal development courses, so you can focus on those areas of your life that need and deserve your attention, whether it is relationships, work, money, health, or other issues.

All our personal growth courses are experiential. We work with the understanding that a real lasting change only comes with experience. It is when you know something deep in your bones, not only in your head, that a change can happen.

Our course facilitators create a relaxed atmosphere of trust, emotional support, and a space for you to grow at your own pace. We are here to support you in your own process. We understand and trust that you alone know the answers to your questions. In this environment you reconnect with your original power and intuition, and are guided to find solutions to your issues. Needless to say, all our facilitators are highly trained and well-experienced.