OSHO BORN AGAIN (8-14 December 2019)

A one-week meditative therapy that helps us rediscover our freshness, wonder, and innocence. Once were all real! Just naturally ourselves. When we wanted to laugh, we laughed. When we wanted to cry, we cried. When we were angry, we were angry. We danced and jumped and shrieked with delight. Playfulness was our essence. But we were very small and needed the love of others. The price for that love was that we started to be “good”. We became artificial, unnatural and serious.

This course is our chance to go back and consciously choose to take the path of playfulness, innocence and laughter, rediscovering our originality, individuality, and freedom.

We will meet for two hours every day. For one hour, we allow ourselves to just be a child again, and for one hour, we sit in silence.

With Tanu in Autrans. 19:15-21:15.