Meditation and Personal Growth in France

Just like white clouds, we are in this life for a short time. We come, we go, and in the meantime, we have a choice: we can either live our life fully or miss it. One day, we either say “Where did all those years go?” or “I have lived well.” Meditation means being here and now, being aware and available for love, laughter, tears, happiness, fun, and everything else life brings. Meditation means living life totally, without missing it.

We at White Clouds love meditation. We have come to understand its value. Meditation is cool. It is simple, and very powerful. It helps us reduces stress and relax. It enables us have a rest from the constant criticism of our own minds. It creates space and gives us distance from our problems. It does not take them away, but it does show us how to face them with a smile, if not a laugh.

We enjoy meditation, and we do it well. Share it with us! We bring you meditation, relaxation and personal growth weekends in the stunning nature of Savoie, Haute Savoie and Mont Blanc. What a perfect combination – a delicious retreat in gorgeous nature, filled with yummy relaxation, wellness and spirituality.

White Clouds also does personal development and therapy. We understand that meditation and personal development go hand in hand. It is hard to practice meditation and not become more aware of yourself, and others. And vice versa, learning about yourself brings you to a space of acceptance, peace, serenity – and wonder. White Clouds gives you the opportunity to meditate and learn. We create a space for you to discover or deepen your meditation, or work on various aspects of your lives, like relationships, work, or emotions.

Our courses take place in the beautiful location of Savoie – Mont Blanc, France, namely around Annecy, La Clusaz, Aix les Bains, Bonneville and Geneva. Our weekends are residential, and all-inclusive. Everything is taken care of, so you can just unwind and dive in.