HOW TO MEDITATE (1-3 October 2019)

Are you looking for an introduction to meditation, or fresh inspiration to take your meditation deeper? Take a journey to meet yourself. Exploring the body, senses, thoughts and feelings, you will find that you exist beyond all of these. You experience yourself as a witness. This experience helps open up new dimensions in daily life, and offers a fresh perspective on yourself.

The course will equip you with simple yet powerful techniques to bring meditation into your daily life, your office, your home.

In Autrans with Tanu, 1-3 October 2019.

Reviews from past participants of How to Meditate:

I was amazed to discover that I was able to push away some of the boundaries and hindernesses keeping me from fully enjoying life. I realize that this weekend was only an appetizer and that without practice there won’t be any miracle, but I feel hungry for more. I would like to express my gratitude for your kindness and the friendly as well as very uncomplicated approach of the course which made me feel very at ease from day one. Dominique (August 2014)

Still feeling great after Meetings with Yourself. Thank you for an amazing weekend. The setting was beautiful, the food was great and the course was fun and inspiring. WONDERFUL. Chloe (August 2014)